Easy henna designs for beginners step by step

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Henna designs for hands step by step. You are probably looking at all these mendhi designs which I post on my articles and wondering how you can recreate the looks and designs. I find it a bit easy to follow a pattern using an image. It will be even easier to follow the design if you have a step-by-step tutorial. This will make it much easier and make you design seem more accurate.

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It is important to get the strokes and lines perfect for a professional look. I noticed that the outcome of my mendhi design depends on my mood.

easy henna designs for beginners step by step

A steady hand is also important to get a clean, polished pattern. Try piping mendhi while your right hand is shaking and your left hand which needs mendhi applied is shaking too! This happened to me yesterday, the struggle is real! Oh, and before I forget, there are mendhi design books available online and in-store for beginners wanting to learn the art of mendhi patterns. Click here to view my in-depth article. I wish I saw these earlier or searched for it before doing my henna pattern.

Anyway, rather late than never. Step 1: Create a circle and start piping the petals of the flower. Make a dot in the centre of the circle. Step 2: Add more petals until you complete it full-circle. Add the tear-drops and centre dots. Step 3: Create the peacock-feather like pattern and start with the design in the corner as seen in the image. Step 5: Create the fan next to the flower. That is a more advanced henna pattern for those who passed the beginner stage and want to try something more advanced.

There are times when you are stuck with ideas on how to fill your pattern or give it a complete look. Here are some ideas on designs you can use to fill your pattern. I'm 23 years old. I am passionate about fashion and hijab styles in particular. I started my very own YouTube channel indedicated to hijab styling tutorials. I also have a Facebook page where I share my tutorials as well as the latest hijab fashion.

Mehndi Designs. Related Posts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Easy henna designs are popular among those who are still new in this type of tattoo. To create different colors, your henna artist will mix the henna ink with other ingredients.

Henna has served as a symbol of health, sensuality and good luck for over 5 thousand years in the Arab countries. Mehndi has been long-established and practiced in subcontinent of India. The weddings in subcontinent of India would be unfinished without Mehndi ceremony. Mehndi art has also gotten famous in Arab women especially from the Gulf Nations. In western world, Mehndi is known by the name of Henna designs.

Henna art got popular in the west during the late s. It is drawn on shoulders, palms, hands, and legs. Numerous mehndi designs are available which include Pakistani, Arabic, Marwari and Rajasthani among others.

All of them are named after geographies. The mehndi designs in Arabic style usually integrate bigger floral designs and does not cover the entire hand. Indian mehndi designs generally use finer and smaller floral art, covering the entire hand.

Indian mehndi also often include a peacock or an elephant. In Africa and the Middle East, it is usual for women to apply henna to their toenails and fingernails besides their hands. Like stated before, henna is applied onto the skin by a plastic cone or a paint brush or a special metal-tipped bottle used for silk painting.

The mud will dry in minutes and begin to crack. During the initial drying process, a mixture of white sugar and lemon juice is applied over the art to moisten the henna mud. The design is then wrapped with medical or plastic tape or tissue to lock in the body heat. This process will create more darker and intense color. This wrap can be worn for several hours or overnight before removed. After hours, the henna art gradually darkens through oxidation.

Usually the final color is reddish brown and can last from weeks. Generally for the thicker skin, the henna stains darker and lasts longer as for thinner and fairer skin. This will extend the lifetime of the henna art. You can find a henna artist near you or buy ready-made henna cones to try to apply it onto your skin by yourself.

Most people like to apply henna designs on the palms, back of the hands and on the feet. You can alter them based on your taste. Check out our simple and easy henna designs. In India, henna tattoos are applied to Indian women during their weddings. There are tattoo services in this country that offer henna tattooing exclusively for weddings or Indian festivals.

50 Easy And Simple Mehndi Designs For Beginners!

These women will have their hands and feet decorated with henna tattoos. Most of the henna designs for the brides in India are of starting a family with their husbands. These designs are often symbols of fertility, like the peacock. But the brides can opt for other designs to be included, like flower buds.

easy henna designs for beginners step by step

In country of India, applying the henna tattoos to the bride will suppose to give her good fortune. Kids love trying henna tattoos on their little palms and this design is suitable for them as well.

This flower-design can also be created with other simple flowers. Applying henna tattoos on the hands can be difficult. Some henna tattoo artists will start from the fingers and end the design in the wrist part.Looking for some inspiration to beautify your hands? Look no further because we have got the answer to your problem. Henna is one of the most beautiful hand decorators.

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It is easy to apply, remove and stays on for a few days. It looks great and has a calming and cooling effect on the person who applies it. This is an easy way to beautify your hands for a change. Getting henna applied from some professional is a pricey task. So we have brought to you a complete tutorial on how to apply henna.

Just get on the bandwagon and get started. You need to be patient to learn the nuances of applying henna to your hands. So let us get started with the Mehndi designs step by step tutorials from Nighat Kazim.

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This basic circular henna design looks spectacular. You can learn it and then practice it to be a pro at this design. Start with making a circle. Now fill it with parallel lines. Make a bigger concentric circle surrounding the previous one with henna dots. Now fill the inner area again with parallel lines.

Repeat the last step again. Now you have a big circular motif in the middle of your palm. Circular motifs are an all time favourite with everyone. So here we have one more circular motif design.

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Start with a large circular mehndi dot. Now make a concentric circle around it.Henna designs are extremely popular in the Indian subcontinent. This is because henna plays a vital role in Asian culture. Henna is considered an ominous plant that brings good luck. While you can find thousands of henna designs online yet the trick is to make them last longer on your body. Another cool style that you can try is to ink any famous structure or monument on your hands with henna.

One unique thing about Arabic henna designs is that such designs are often worked in detail. Such designs need lot of concentration and patience. Henna is not just meant for hands. Here this beautiful henna back design shows that it sits perfectly on any part of body. If you do not want a complicated design then you should go for simple, easy and basic designs of henna like this.

This beautiful design is perfect for young girls who are attending marriage of their elder sister or cousin. Many people think that complex designs are better but in my opinion spacing is important in henna designs.

easy henna designs for beginners step by step

For example this elegant henna tattoo design looks beautiful due to spacing. Henna comes in several different colors. Pakistani people love to try black henna because it gives a unique look. Yes, this is a bridal henna design. You might not know but many artists hide the name of both groom and bride on the hands of the bride.

Both have to find the name of each other on their hands. You might have noticed that bridal henna design often cover half of the hand. This is because mehndi aka henna is considered good omen.Mehendi is a very traditional form of art that exists in India for a long time. Mehndi is mainly associated with weddings but today women are applying mehndi for diverse occasions owing to the variety of designs that exist today.

Latest beautiful,stylish and easy mehendi designs for front hands/Simple Henna designs 2019

You name it and you have it. There are so many mehendi designs today for a variety of occasions. There are numerous occasions which one can sport such easy and simple mehndi designs for beginners. The art of mehndi design goes way back to bc. Though mehndi is widely applied by Indian and Asian women, its origins can be found in Egypt. As the festive season is here, everyone including adults and children love applying mehndi to adorn their hands.

With Navratri, karwachauth, and Diwali right at the corner, this is the best time to learn to apply mehndi as a beginner. The steps included in applying mehndi are pretty simple- all you got to do is draw beautiful patterns on your hand and feet with henna and let it dry for 2 hours. Brides to prefer keeping their mehndi overnight for an enhanced color to it. The mehndi dries off and starts coming off on its own, at this point you just need to scrape it off with a knife.

Do not wash your hands with water just yet. At this point the colour of the henna is orangish-red and the next day it turns into deep maroonish red. If you have just started learning how to apply mehndi then understand that this is an art and not an easy one. You have to be determined, not give up, start off by drawing on a paper and have a steady hand while holding the cone.

These gorgeous and subtle mehndi designs for front hand are the best to start out. This cute mehndi design with leafy patterns is so simple yet beautiful. You can totally go for this as a bridesmaid to show off that gorgeous manicure.

20 Step by Step Mehndi Designs for Beginners

These beautiful mehndi designs with leaves and dots are our favorite because of how simple they are to make. A beginner can easily make such designs and these will look beautiful no matter what. Finger mehndi designs are really trending nowadays. Such mehndi designs are so easy to make and versatile that they are loved by all age groups.

These beautiful and easy mehendi designs look like you are wearing a haathphool. This is a must-try design for beginners as it is fresh and unique with a modernistic touch to it. These minimal designs are loved by the people who do not like a lot of fuss and muss.

These easy and simple mehendi designs begin at the wrist and end at the fingertips. Today people want their life, as well as hands, clutter-free. Arabic mehndi designs are easy to carry as well an easy to draw. Deep and dark floral patterns and creepers define the Arabic mehndi designs.From simple geometric patterns to delicate florals, sensuous curves and bold motifs, a mehndi design has something for all tastes.

Bridal mehndi has become very popular among Bride's where they express themselves with new and exquisite designs. Getting your mehndi design done professionally from a parlor sure sounds good but nothing beats the joy and fun of doing your mehndi on your own!

I have loved the wonderful art of henna mehndi since the time I was a little girl. I used to love sneaking left over mehndi cones from my Mom's bedside on Eid or other functions and used to draw shapeless patterns on my palms. My love for Mehndi was what got me practicing it over the years until now when I have finally mastered it. Few years back when my elder sister got married, I was her mehndi artist and I just can't explain the sheer joy of showcasing my Henna art on a real bride!!

These mehndi designs require very less time and are simple ones which add a hint of colour to your hands without giving you a cluttered feel. I feel every girl shares a special bond with Henna mehndi and the desire to draw lovely Henna patterns is always there!. If you are a beginner who is just trying to get her hands on the beautiful Henna art then you are at the right place!

Today, we will be sharing with you step by step instructions of some such simple, easy and gorgeous Henna mehndi designs. Just Follow the step by step patterns to achieve these amazing mehndi designs. This pattern will look equally good on your palms and is just what you need to slay when paired with your favourite ethnic lehenga or Anarkali for the occasion.

This mehndi design will surely draw attention to your hands and give you that 'out-of-the-world' feel! Start with drawing multiple circles as shown in the first image and carefully graduate by outlining your circles with tiny dotted circles and finish off with cones and you are done!

Floral Henna designs look absolutely gorgeous and instantly give you that push you need for your special occasion. The above floral mehndi design is super pretty and easy to to achieve too. Remember that the trick here is thickening the outline of the petals as shown is pic 3 and 4 which makes a huge difference in the beauty of this Henna pattern!

Roses top the charts of the most loved flowers and including them in Henna patterns has become a rage these days thanks to their sheer beauty and elegance! The above rose mehndi design is super simple and absolutely gorgeous. The above rangoli inspired mehndi design is perfect for a festival like Diwali etc and it is quite easy to achieve too. Easy Dotted Flower Mehndi design Step by Step for Hands Nothing shouts 'easy' like Dots do and the best part is that you can acieve amazing designs by just connecting few dots in some creative ways!

The above design is super cute is easy to achieve. A perfect bet for beginners in Henna mehndi patterns. Beautiful Netted Jaali Heart Shape Mehndi design Step by Step: Jaali mehndi designs or Netted mehndi designs have a charm of their own and they are my personal favorite.

Beautiful Geometric Mehndi Design For hands Geometric mehndi patterns have been a favorite among many women. They have that bold vibe to them which goes well with both your Western and ethnic outfits. Go ahead and try these easy and simply gorgeous step by step mehndi designs for beginners and work your journey towards being a self made mehndi artist. Contact Us. You might be accustomed to seeing elaborate, intricate and complicated mehndi designs during weddings but there's no need to worry as there are also some very easy and equally pretty simple mehndi designs which look gorgeous without leaving you with a tired hand and an irritated mind.

The art of drawing Henna mehndi patterns is not a job reserved for professionals and just anybody can master it with a little practice and some inspiration!

Grab inspiration and get practicing:. Above is a very beautiful yet simple step by step mehndi design for the back of your hands.Hello Girls, I hope you are very happy and in the mood of joy because its year end, As we all know that festival and wedding season is about to enter and festivals and weddings are always incomplete without beautiful traditional Mehndi.

To make your celebrations even more beautiful, here are easy mehandi design tutorials for applying perfect henna pattern for your any occasion. Mehndi is actually a kind of a natural dye made from the leaves and stem of the Henna tree, it is being used now as a natural dyeing agent and the art of mehndi has now spread all over the world. In western countries, henna is being used as a temporary tattoo, It has specially gained a great deal of popularity in the temporary tattoo industry in European countries.

Actually, many simple mehndi designs can still look trendy and attractive as well as it can be suitable for any occasion. However, we have been seeing fantastic and also detailed designs throughout important events.

Many of these designs are easy and beautiful that require very less time. There are many easy mehndi designs for beginners which are usually simple as well as excellent ones that include a hint of color to the hands but do not mess up the hands.

If you are new to this body art, then you may like to settle for one of the least tricky mehndi pattern. This easy henn design will flatter anyone, regardless of their age. It will also look good on brides and on the occasion of their engagement too, not messed up looking at all, these easy mehndi designs are simple enough to be tried at home.

No wonder there are many different types of mehndi art available and the reason i have selected these henna designs is because it can be intricated in many mehndi styles to make up a new design which will be helpful for you later on. So its best, you start with simple henna designs as a beginner, it will not take too much of time to get along with these patterns you just need to keep practicing and if you need more help regarding this then write to us.

All things observed, we have such motivations to improve your hands with restrictive simple mehndi designs that are intended for the bubbly occasions. Submit Comment. Sizzling Glamour. Wish to Apply simple henna patterns step by step? Learn How to apply these simple mehndi designs for beginners step by step: Hold the cone correctly with your right hand if you are Right-handed. Your hand must be comfortable while holding it and squeeze a little at a time.

When you are ready to start, take the pin out of the cone and start applying.

Easy Step By Step Mehndi Design Tutorials For Girls

If the tip keeps on getting messy, keep cleaning it with tissue paper. The cleaner the tip, the neater will be your work. Start applying the simple mehndi design step by step following the simple design you prefer. Place the design in front of you as the fingers will be near to you and the wrist away. It is always better to start from the furthest place then move to the nearest. Otherwise, the whole hand will get messy. The below photo gallery of henna designs are a flawless sample of it.

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