Hotel impossible updates

This episode of Hotel Impossible opens a little differently this week. There are 70 casinos which attract visitors from all over the Southern United States. As soon as Anthony walks into the lobby, he notices something in the breakfast area. Anthony checks the quality of the biscuits by chucking one across the room. Underneath the sink in the breakfast area is a bucket filled with some gross crud which Anthony takes from the breakfast area — even though the sign said not to. Anthony finds Conrad and shows him the bucket.

Conrad says the bucket is to catch the waste water from a leaky pipe that goes directly out into the parking lot. At the front desk is a sign stating that if a room has been occupied for 10 minutes, they do not refund any money!! I like Conrad. But his 10 minutes are up! Anthony sees right through the ten-minute policy — The owner is doing it on purpose because there is no way someone could thoroughly inspect a room and decide if they want to stay in 10 minutes.

The mattress is a water bed — a dirty, gross waterbed! They also can spring leaks. Anthony says the hut in Honduras he stayed in in the Air Force was better than this room, but he still wants to stick around and check out the rest of the property. Then he sees inside the pool —. Anthony has never seen a pool this gross in an OPEN hotel before. This sends Anthony to his breaking point and he demands to see the owners.

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When asked about the cleanliness of the pool, James says that the pool is very clean in the Summer. Anthony next points out the lack of security at the pool gate and the owners laugh! Anthony asks if they would be okay letting their kids stay here and of course they say no. Anthony also calls them out on the minute room policy.

The final straw for Angie came when Grace asked that the employees pitch in for the company Christmas party. So, she wound up pawning her wedding band to help pay for the party!

New Gardner Hotel Owner Weighs in after Hotel Impossible TV Show Airs

Angie also says the housekeepers do NOT use vacuums and instead, sweep the carpet! She also confesses that there has been an outbreak of bed bugs that has gone untreated and the rooms are still being rented.

The housekeepers show Anthony the issues they have in their department — broken carts, not enough linens. After hearing how horribly the employees are being treated, Anthony wants to do whatever he can to help them. To start that process, he has a real estate broker come in and evaluate the property. The hotel itself is tired and needs lots of upgrades. The real estate broker says that there could be a buyer out there for this property, but it would have to be listed nationally instead of locally.

Anthony sits down with James and Grace to discuss everything he has learned. James says they do not have the money to renovate. James tries to make excuses for the bad reviews the hotel gets but Anthony tells him it might just mean that they SUCK at running the hotel. James lies to Anthony about the bed bug situation.

Anthony moves on to the lack of housekeeping supplies — James lies again and says they have 10 or 15 vacuums.

Hotel Impossible Recap – S7 Ep6

The Hotel Impossible team only found 9 and 7 of the 9 do not work. While James and Anthony are out of the room, Grace breaks down. Grace signed it because she is afraid of James.Full Episodes. Hotel Impossible: Showdown. The four owners will spend the night in each others' hotels and award points for their experience. The hotel with the most points wins.

Two million hotel rooms are occupied every night in America, so it's no wonder that some of the most captivating tales from America's history have occurred in hotels. Join us as we explore these secrets and legends. Extreme Hotels. Anthony Melchiorri treks across land and sea to visit outrageous hotels all over the world. Resort Rescue.

Ailing hotels and resorts across America get much-needed help from hospitality expert Shane Green. With hidden cameras all over the properties, Shane captures every move by the hotel staff to help the resorts become top-notch. Hotel Amazon. Hotel Amazon chronicles two New Yorkers pursuing their dream of building a world-class resort in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon.

Motel owners feel 'Punk'd' by 'Hotel Impossible'

Fierce terrain, harsh jungle weather and dangerous native creatures don't make it easy. Hotel Showdown. The four hotel owners will spend the night in each other's hotel and award points for their experience.I received the above e-mail, from Anthony Melchiorrion Tuesday night. This was what I expected and wanted him to have done. Now I know and now YOU know. Deanna makes a point of carefully reading the closing credits where Anthony talks about how things progressed after the show and there was NO mention that Anthony had contacted the authorities.

Well, Anthony Melchiorri has put me right and I am going to update my original post to reflect this. I have no axe to grind in this. I just wanted, as ever, for the right thing to be done. I e-mailed Anthony back that while I will update my posthe, at a minimum, should put something up on their Website so others will know that he did what we expected him to have done.

I am actually impressed. Well done. Click to access. A Health Care - N.

hotel impossible updates

Property Taxes - N. Published April 17, Published April 22, Orgasms Blog. Quick guide to comets. Check it out. Published May 9, Published Sept. For those that would like to know the Popes better Published Sep. A good way to teach kids about caring for a puppy To order from Amazon. To order from Amazon.

A Life of Granite in New Hampshire. Powered by WordPress. Rate this:. Like this: Like Loading Search This Blog Search for:. Blog Stats Views 1, views. For those too busy to meditate. If you have chronic, confounding pain.Given its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is focused on providing makeovers to hotels that are in serious need of a helping hand. Hotel Impossible is hosted by Anthony Melchiorri, who is a veteran of the hospitality industry who has founded his own consultancy for hotels that are in need of some outside expertise and experience.

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Furthermore, it is important to note that he was the one who came up with the idea for the TV show, which explains why he is serving as the main personality around whom the rest revolves. So far, Hotel Impossible has met with a fair amount of success.

For proof, look no further than the fact that it is on its eighth season, meaning that it has visited a lot of hotels situated in a lot of places. In total, Hotel Impossible has had more than episodes but as time passes, that number will continue to increase. Unsurprisingly, said spinoff is focused on luxury resorts. To be exact, each episode of Hotel Impossible: Five Star Secrets sees Melchiorri visiting a new luxury resort, which gets the chance to show off whatever it is that enables it to stand out compared to its competitors.

As a result, while Hotel Impossible: Five Star Secrets is still focused on the same subject matter as its parent series, its actual setup is quite different, meaning that it can appeal to a different audience in addition to those who love Hotel Impossible.

For the most part, Hotel Impossible remains within the United States, which is understandable due to its core audience as well as the convenience of filming within said country.

However, it is interesting to note that there has been an episode focused on a hotel situated on Cape Breton Island of all places. For those who are unfamiliar with that name, Cape Breton Island is one of the parts of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. It is unknown why this particular place was chosen for filming, but it should be noted that the island actually has something of a tourism industry, with a particular point of interest being whale-watching.

Unsurprisingly, Hotel Impossible has produced mixed results. After all, a lot of the problems seen on the TV show are rather deep-rooted in nature, meaning that there is no way that such a short intervention could have changed enough to ensure that the improvements will continue into the future in all cases.

As a result, there have been some hotel owners who have complained about their experiences with Hotel Impossible for various reasons. Aiden's been an entertainment freelancer for over 10 years covering movies, television and the occasional comic or video game beat. If it's anything Shawshank Redemption, Seinfeld, or Kevin Bacon game related he's way more interested. You must be logged in to post a comment. TV News.Melchiorri's assessment, once he was on-site, confirmed the digital consensus.

I've seen more tours in this neighborhood than any neighborhood I've ever been in. I've seen Segway tours, a walking tour, a bike tour. There's nothing wrong with this neighborhood. It's like Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and everybody is going to Williamsburg.

Everybody's going to Harlem now. All the neighborhoods they would not be going to before, everybody's going there. So this owner could be part of that. Or this owner could not be part of that. It's, 'This is what the space wants. The space wants this.

This is what the space is telling me. I don't have an opinion on this hotel. The hotel said, 'Anthony, this is what I want to be. Then the show's build team goes to work.

Hotel Impossible S03E01

A total makeover of the Empress wasn't their goal. Time and budget wouldn't allow it. Rather, Melchiorri assesses a property's location, condition and business prospects and creates a plan for future success. The work done on the property for the show is intended to serve as a template for continuing improvements. I judge the situation and calculate the ability for people to be successful, and based on that I then put in a plan. When I'm gone, I'm gone.

hotel impossible updates

I give them percent effort for four days. For four days I barely talk to my family, I don't do anything with my own company, and I don't talk to producers on other shows.

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I am percent committed to turning this hotel around.A list of all Restaurant Impossible episodes and whether the Restaurant Impossible restaurants are open or closed. Watched the show and what to find out where are they now?

Here you will find Restaurant Impossible updates, up to date information and what happened next after Robert left the restaurants featured on the popular Food Network show. Restaurant Impossible was cancelled in August but a new season of Restaurant Impossible returned in They didn't keep Robert's menu and have mostly positive reviews.

The few complaints are on service received and of the behaviour of the owners brother Aaron. Rossini's Cucina Italiana is open and reviews are mixed. Customers either love or hate the food and some customers believe that they ruined the restaurant with the reduced menu and higher prices. They slowly added old menus items back to the restaurant at the requesst of customers. Edgar's Restaurant is open and reviews are mostly positive.

There are complaints of the menu being changed and some issues with service. Perella's Ristorante is open and reviews are mostly positive after Restaurant Impossible filmed at the restaurant. Foxfire Grill is open and reviews are mostly positive. There are complaints of overcooked, dry and bland food and poor service. Carmine's Chianti Cow is open and reviews after the episode was filmed are mostly positive.

Garrett's Mill Brewing Company is open and reviews are mixed. There are complaints that the owner has returned to his old ways and both leadership and service is poor.

Customers both compliment and complain on the food quality. Drake's Place is open and reviews are very positive after Restaurant Impossible with only minor complaints on service and delays in receiving food.

The Balcony is open and reviews are mostly positive. There are a few complaints of slow service and cold menu items. Blue Orleans is open and reviews are very positive after the episode with minor complaints on a slow service.

Lil G's Kajun Restaurant is open and reviews are mixed with mostly compliments on food and complaints on service and items being unavailable. Taverna Trela is open and reviews are very mixed with compliments and criticisms of the new food and many complaints of slow and poor service received from servers and the owner. Loyd Have Mercy is open and reviews are mostly positive with some diners wanting the return of the old menu but most are loving the new menu and new decor.

There are complaints about food prices and service and compliments to the food quality. Two months after filming the episode they opened a second location. McLanks Family Restaurant is open with mixed reviews. There are only a few reviews since Robert visited. Yelp reviews are mostly negative with complaints on the food quality and Trip Advisor and Google reviews are mostly positive. Chez Olga is open with very positive reviews. Reviews prior to Robert's visit are also very positive.

Audia's closed as a result of the landlord selling the building. Reviews after the episode was filmed were mostly positive with compliments to the food quality. Rosie's Diner is open and reviews are mostly negative on Yelp. The reviews complain of a long wait for service and poor quality food and some on Trip Advisor compliment the improved cleanliness and renovation of the dining room.

Al's Seafood is open and reviews are mixed with many negative comments on food quality after Robert's visit in June Many customers aren't happy with the reduced menu on offer. Besse's on Clear Lake is open and reviews are mostly positive with some negative comments on some food items and service.TV Schedule. Sign In. Hotel Impossible — Year: S7, Ep1.

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Error: please try again. S7, Ep2. He clashes with a cheap owner who bullies his staff, and has neglected the smelly utility closet for years. Giant mold colonies are growing everywhere. S7, Ep3. Can Anthony rebuild the hotel's weak leadership and show the visually impaired owner the path to success?

S7, Ep4. Anthony visits scenic Libby, Montana, to save two motels that are struggling due to personal issues within the family that owns them. S7, Ep5. With a family feud, a contractor clash and a utility closest that is a death trap, will Anthony be able to fix the Colonial Mountain Inn? S7, Ep6. The owners have mismanaged the property and are accused of abusing their staff. Can Anthony find a solution before the owners kick him out? S7, Ep7.

Anthony visits beautiful Kauai, Hawaii, to help the Kauai Inn. Owners Tom and Jamie don't trust their son and daughter-in-law to manage the hotel on their own. Can Anthony convince the reluctant owners to hand over the reins? Add Image S7, Ep8.

hotel impossible updates

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. S7, Ep9. The waterfront hotel has a ton of potential, but Bob is not ready to let his children take over leadership of the business. S7, Ep Anthony visits The Bradford Inn in Towanda, PA, where the owner's inexperience and lack of motivation are tearing his relationships and business apart. Anthony must get through to him before he loses more than just his business. The owners' daughter is eager to take over, but she has a lot to learn about running a hotel.

Can Anthony help the owners seamlessly pass the property to the next generation? Anthony visits the Posada de San Juan in California where the owner runs the property that her late husband built. The hotel desperately needs a facelift, but that won't happen until control is passed to her children.

Anthony visits Anchorage Lofts in Alaska. It has a pool area being used as storage space, a restaurant that doesn't make enough money and upper-management issues. Can Anthony help the owners before their investment goes belly-up?

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